EAST WEST Engineering

Engineering and consulting services for business development in
Russia, eastern Europe and central Asia.


Machine construction

Plastics processing :
Blow moulding


Subcontractor to car industry

Paper impregnation


Metal industry


Furniture production

Sawmill equipement

Production of wooden houses


Laser applications

Animal health

Equipment for commercial surfaces

High technology batteries

Farm machinery



Whatever the direction, east/west or west/east, business partnerships base on many various strategic foundations :
. Direct access to local distribution
- Minimization of invested equity.
- Acquisition of a specific know-how
- Preparation for a Direct Investment Project.
- Solution to a sourcing problem
- Reduced Time to Market
. Rapid gain in market share
- Access to modern technology
- Control over competition.
- Co-manufacturing
- Legal obligation (strategic classified activities)

Proven methods .............

Analysis of strategic foundations Faesibility study. Survey of competitive sector
Profiling potential partners
Search and identification of potential partners
Working out and fine tuning of first
result : The letter of intent.
Partnership agreement
Management of implementation projects Support and follow up during operation

-----------..........individually tailored
for a specific application

First wood processing sector
Mechanical sector - Machine building Metallurgy
Metallic building
Chemistry - Paint sector
Furniture manufacturing
Pharmaceutical sector

Thanks to its location and experience on both continents, EAST WEST Engineering perfectly combines professional performance and profound knowledge of cultural aspects in order to build the groundwork for a successful business partnership.


It is no uncommon situation that an industrial case, after all a routine one in western countries, turns out to be an inextricable puzzle when it is about Russia and about not that a current technology. The numerous and highly diverse difficulties, at first sight appear to be insurmountable....Nevertheless, genuine strategic breakthroughs, decisive edge steps and real competitive advantages are at that price in emerging markets.

In close relation with client's experts, EAST WEST Engineering identifies the first steps of a clever approach and key actors in the process. Then, we operatively contribute as specifically required by the solving process : Analysis of normative environment, search for equivalences, work out of technical files, working sessions with designated specialists and relevant actors, organisation of expertises, of business trips, training sessions, relations and follow-up with legal specialists, with local authorities and relevant professionnal bodies, ...

Some examples of processed non confidential cases : Heating system using thermal oil, fluorinated gas mixtures, resins, ..
Sometimes in highly strategic questions, EAST WEST Engineering shares its experience
in complex cases and individually, stubbornly, designs the way to solution. (Non disclosure clauses and exclusivity contracts accepted)


Despite similar technologies and processes, there still persists an impressive difference in productivity between eastern European companies and their western counterparts. Modern equipment or up to date technologies do not automatically make companies successful !
To secure lasting results after its industrial assignments, EAST WEST Engineering extends them, on client's request, by organising a mid to long term western expertise.

- Definition of assignment : Identification of specific requirements. Validation of terms and conditions of operation
- Profiling potential expert. Search in western Europe (in patnership with HEMERA Conseil - Strasbourg).
- Assistance and follow up during first operational phases.

In EAST WEST Engineering, we know how to find the person combining technical competences and adequate behaviour in order to provide our client's organisation with the distinctive advantage of a long western expert's contribution.


From upstream type assignments (search for raw material, for suppliers, analysis of competitive sectors, spot studies, building a sub-contractor net, …..) to marketing and sales oriented downstream type of assignments, EAST WEST Engineering involves into markets and pledges for results.

Our speciality :
The field of B2B activities and products with high technical or scientifical content.
Our experience :
We intentionally operate in all competitive sectors in order clearly to enrich our assignments beyond client's requirements.
Our clients :
A western clientele for its first approach to emerging markets. A clientele of already established western businessmen for supporting their development projects. A clientele of eastern businessmen for contributing to their effort to export.
Our assignments :
They cover a large scope of diversified activities.
Selection of
- Equipment expertise in woodworking industry
- Setting up a net of sub-contractors in metallic construction
- Project manager for working out a new line of products in the sector of manufacturing equipment for commercial areas.
- Conferences about business development in Russia.
- Up grading specific products to meet european standards for export purposes in childcare sector.
- Marketing approach to russian markets in laser application sector.
- Follow up of sales projects in machinery business
- Company analysis and industrial diagnostic in metallic furniture sector.
- …

EAST WEST Engineering delivers customised work to meet specific requirements for information, for time shared contribution to client's organisation, for implementation activities on client's projects, …

An unparalleled experience

Since 1994, numerous and diversified assignments in various business areas
- A strong net of diversified contacts in Russian business community.
- A first hand access to Russian professional press.
- A team of multifarious competencies.
- Processing capabilities for English, French, German or Russian assignments
- Partner with UBIFRANCE since 2003 for the event ""Rencontres Russie"", a yearly seminar and business forum for western companies concerned by russian emerging markets.

Some of our refences in western Europe.

- ALMO Technologie - France - Specialised machining centers for supplier to car industry.
- www.almo.fr
- ALSAPAN Furniture - France - Manufacturing of DIY furniture and components.
- CATHILD - France - Kiln-drying equipment and wood drying enginering. - www.cathild.com
- EGA - France - Industrial Scanner systems and data processing.
- LAP - Germany - Industrial applications for low power laser systems.- www.lap-laser.com
- MECANIQUE ET ENGRENAGE MODERNES - France - Machines and equipment for saw
- mills and first wood processing sector. - www.memwood.com
- SAFT groupe SA - France - World leader in high technology batteries.
- SÜDDEKOR - Germany - Printing and impregnation of decoration papers for wood panel
- industry. -- www.sueddekor.com
- TRAUTWEIN - Germany - High standard stair cases.
- V33 - France - Paints and products for wood protection, care and decoration. - www.v33.fr
- France - CNC timber processing centre.
- VIRBAC - France -
Veterinary pharmaceutical lab dedicated to animal health.
-- www.virbac.co.uk

- Group WIRQUIN -
France - Sanitary items and fittings for bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.
- www.wirquin.com

Additionally, tens of local companies in eastern Europe and central Asia relied on our services, amongst them…