EAST WEST Engineering


Engineering and Consulting on industrial projects in eastern Europe and central Asia. Construction or renovation. Turnkey projects. Management of complex projects. Re-engineering services and modernization. Any competitive sector.


Production of polymer
fuel tanks

Furniture production line

Slewing Bearings

Laminated board production

Profiing line with punching of
cold laminated coils

Production of flooring solutions

Metal working

Formatting and machining line
in furniture industry

Laser cutting

Process control

Work in dangerous atmosphere

First steps in wood-processing : Cutting optimisation

Installations for evaporation
of liquid nitrogen

Special foundations

Storage of toxic gas

Industrial automation

Water chilling system

First steps in wood-processing : head cut

Technical textiles and
their markets


Russia should not be looked at as a huge market for export, as an interesting supply for raw materials or as a country with convenient sub-contractors. It must be understood as a vast area for true commercial growth and genuine industrial developments on fast growing markets for the next decades.

But key to success and to lasting development in Russia unquestionably is the creation of domestic value adding activities.

Russia is no "low cost" country. Russia decided on a technology intensive development and on internationalisation. Nevertheless, the heritage of former planned economy still is overall sharply visible with outdated technologies, obsolete machines and poorly efficient organisations.

Truly, key to future and to international competitiveness undeniably calls for an increasing address to advanced engineering and consulting services in order to modernise equipment, processes and organisations.

In order to serve western clients who acknowledged the necessity for creation of domestic Value Adding and eastern industrial clients willing to challenge international competition, EAST WEST Engineering decided to develop amidst eastern emerging markets and established in Russia.

Our permanent concern :
Strengthen our client's organisation with a lasting competitive advantage.

Our services


EAST WEST Engineering understands Executive Consulting as the early engineering of all intellectual activities required for the acquisition, exploitation or development of any "production apparatus". For us a "production apparatus" designates a technology, a production process or technical equipment. It represents as well an industrial organisation or even a production site
as a whole.

. Some services tailored for Executive Management.
  Business diagnostic - Industrial diagnostic.
Specific survey and technology assessment.
Analysis of competitive sector and competition assessment.
Identification of key parameters in a given competitive sector in eastern Europe. Feasibility studies.
….. …..
."Flash" Competitive Efficiency : Thorough analysis of companywide competitive efficiency and evidencing of improvement ways.


As outcome to a positive commercial approach, the local industrial project essentially is the signal of the genuine corporate commitment in emerging markets.

– Research and appraisal of green field landplots or brown field production sites
– Relations with local authorities, lobbying and administrative processing
– Conducting negotiation process and operative interface with legal experts
– Overall concept for project organisation and management .W
orking out specific business plans
– Research, assessment and selection of local partners (general constructor, general engineering, supplier, sub-contractor).
– Operative interface with unavoidable Russian engineering companies for civil engineering, technical and industrial engineering.
– Tendering of construction work
– Supervision and follow-up of construction work
– Managing importation process for production equipment
– Managing local equipment purchases
– Supervision of equipment mounting.
– Start-up, production tests and fine tuning
– Preparation for official commissionning, follow up and support down to awarding of
production license.
– Processing of special cases : working with dangerous substances, experimental
processes, dangerous production sites, ...

From real estate research down to production start-up, then to awarding of production license, EAST WEST Engineering acquired a unique and extensive know-how in complex project management in Russia to the benefit of safety and yield of your capital expenditure.


Within the reshaping activities of a mass production industry, heritage of former planned economy, into an industry capable of challenging modernity issues, overall engineering
science finds in eastern Europe and central Asia a huge field for expression. These
services provide quick, measurable and visible results without mobilising equity.

. Planning of production sites : Industrial Master Plan, draft lay out, detailed lay-out, implemention engineering.
. Plant modernisation : Technologies, production processes, machines and technical equipment.
. Modernisation of manufacturing organisations : Material flow, information flow and
production management.
."Flash" Productivity : In-depth analysis of company productivity and identification of improvement possibilities.

Whether your project is to establish a new plant or deals with re-engineering of an existing production, EAST WEST Engineering offers :
- It's experience based on the planning of several hundred thousands of m²
- The application of western standards of productivity.


Quality and Productivity are the 2 major component in the relation between a company and
its customer. On one side, it represents products /services which meet expressed client requirements at agreed prices. On the other side, it represents fully controlled business processes meeting budgeted financial corporate goals.

- Quality audit (products /services, processes, systems)
- Assessment of suppliers quality capability.
- Company certification. Total Quality Management.
- Engineering of specific quality programs. Training and support for implementation.
- Preparation to major international Quality Awards (Baldridge, EFQM).
- "Flash" Quality : Assessment of company situation regarding Quality in all its
dimensions and evidencing of improvement potential.

EAST WEST Engineering tailors specific programs and engineers appropriate quality activities in such forms that Quality does not remain at the stage of a formal system
(ISO or any other) but becomes an effective driving force for continuous improvement of company performances and for corporate cultural evolution.

Our experience.

Since 1994, management of complex projects in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan…
- Over 700 000 m² of industrial area have been modernised, reorganised, newly laid out or
newly built.
- Experience gathered trough operations in many different competitive sectors.
- Western clientele for Direct Investment Projects.
- Eastern clientele for projects dealing with modernisation, organisation and quality.
- A particular knowledge of the problems of russian "combines", heritage of former planned economy...
.... and as well, a unique experience of working with young and dynamic companies arising from private initiative in the 1990s.

Some of our references in western Europe.

- AUTONEUM (RIETER group) - Switzerland - Supplier to automotive industry, leader in acoustic and thermal management solutions. - www.autoneum.com
- ESPACE PRODUCTION INTERNATIONAL - France - Laminated flooring products.
- www.epi.fr
- INERGY (Solvay - Plastic Omnium) - France - Polymer fuel tanks for the car industry.
- www.inergyautomotive.com
- INERGY (Group Plastic Omnium - DSK ) - France/Russia - World leader in complete plastic fuel systems for automotive industry.
- KUHN SA - Switzerland/France - Conception, manufacturing and marketing of farm machinery for world wide agriculture. - www.kuhn.com
- LOHR Industrie - France - Special trailors for transport of vehicules. Tramway and urban transportation solutions. - www.lohr.fr
- NTN-SNR - Japan/France - Bearings and transmissions.
- www.ntn-snr.com
- Groupe RASEC / Groupe CEFLA - France / Italy - Furniture and equipement for commercial surfaces. - www.rasec.com
- ROTHE ERDE (groupe Thyssenkrupp Technologies) - Germany - High performance and non standard sleeving bearings. Structural elements.- www.rotheerde.com
- RASEC Ukraine -France - Furniture and equipment for commercial surfaces
- www.rasec.com
- PORCHER Industries - France - Composite materials for aerospace and defense industry.
- www.porcher-ind.com

Additionally, over fifty local companies in eastern Europe and central Asia relied on our services, amongst them…


Bearings - NTN-SNR


Transmissions for cars

Acoustic and thermal shields